Cissie King
Name Suzanne "Cissie" King
Current Alias Arrowette
Other Aliases none
Relatives Oliver Queen (father), Bonnie King (mother [deceased]), Dinah Laurel Lance (adoptive mother), Connor Hawke (brother), Roy Harper (adoptive brother), Jr. Harper (adoptive brother), Mia Jordan (adoptive sister), Hal Jordan (brother-in-law), Lian Harper (niece), Graydon Jordan (nephew), Hallie Jordan (niece)
Base of Operations Star City
Portrayed By Dianna Agron

Cissie King is the result of a one night stand between Oliver Queen and Bonnie King. Bonnie never told Oliver about Cissie and raised her alone. Bonnie had trained herself in archery to get Oliver's attention and was very upset that he stil ultimately chose Dinah over her. 

Growing up Cissie was forced to learn archery. She had a natural abilty that Bonnie did not. Cissie got good enough to compete on an Olympic level. Bonnie pushed Cissie into becoming a vigilante. To please her mother Cissie became Arrowette.

Shortly after Cissie turned 18 Bonnie passed away but before she did she told Cissie the truth about her father. Cissie set out to find Oliver. After a DNA test proved she was in fact Oliver's daughter he welcomed her into the Queen Family. Most of the Queen Family accepted Cissie except for Mia. To this day Mia and Cissie do not get along.

Cissie now lives at Queen Estates and attends classes at Star City College.