Graydon Jordan
Name Graydon Martin Jordan
Current Alias None
Other Aliases Graydon Jackson Wayne, Gray
Relatives Mia Jordan (mother), Tim Wayne (biological father), Hal Jordan (adoptive father), Hallie Jordan (sister), Madison Wayne (sister), Robyn Wayne (sister), Jana-Beth Wayne (sister), Katie Wayne (sister), Bruce Wayne (grandfather), Oliver Queen (grandfather), Karen Starr-Wayne (step-grandmother), Dinah Laurel Lance (grandmother), Dick Grayson (uncle), Jason Todd (uncle), Damian Wayne (uncle), Roy Harper (uncle), Connor Hawke (uncle), Jr. Harper (uncle), Jack Jordan (uncle), Jim Jordan (uncle), Stacy Wayne (aunt), Helena Kyle (aunt), Kara Kent-Grayson (aunt), Bette Kane-Wayne (aunt), Cissie King (aunt), Kira Grayson (cousin), Kora Grayson (cousin), Jordan Todd (cousin), Lian Harper (cousin)
Base of Operations Gotham City
Portrayed By Child: Knox Jolie-Pitt

Teen: Logan Lerman

Graydon Jordan was born in to a fight and has been in the middle of one since. He is the son of Mia Dearden and Tim Wayne, who suffered a very messy break up before his birth. The tension was so high that Mia did not even allow Tim to be present for Graydon's birth. At birth Mia named him Graydon Jackson Wayne. Graydon was a take on Grayson for Dick Grayson, Tim's brother and someone Mia looked up to and admired very much.

When Graydon was just a few months old Mia got together with an old family friend, Hal Jordan. The two eventually married and Hal wanted to adopt Graydon. Hal was eventually allowed to adopt Graydon and his named changed to Graydon Martin Jordan. Tim appealed and a second custody battle ensued. Mia blackmailed Tim to drop it and he did. Recently Tim found out some new information about Mia that has led him to reopen the custody case for a 3rd time. Graydon, now 4, is about to be in the middle of another long custody case.

When Graydon was 2 Hal and Mia had a daughter, Hallie. Graydon takes the role of big brother very seriously. He is very protective of Hallie, even when she doesn't want him to be. He also has a huge crush on Kira Grayson and tells anyone that will listen that someday he will marry Kira, in spite of the fact they are cousins (although only through adoption, not blood). Graydon's biggest hero is his grandfather Ollie and he does everything he can to be just like Ollie, much to the dismay of Mia and Hal.