Jr. Harper
Name Jr. Harper
Current Alias Red Arrow
Other Aliases Speedy, Roy Harper
Relatives Oliver Queen (adoptive father), Dinah Laurel Lance (adoptive mother), Roy Harper (alternate self/adoptive brother), Connor Hawke (adoptive brother), Mia Jordan (adoptive sister), Cissie King (adoptive sister), Lian Harper (niece), Donna Troy (girlfriend)
Base of Operations Star City
Portrayed By Sean Kanan

Jr. Harper was born Roy Harper Jr. He was raised on an Indian Reservation until he was taken in by Oliver Queen at the age of 13. Oliver trained Roy to be his sidekick, Speedy.

During a mission at the age of 15 Roy was kidnapped by Owlman and replaced by his own Earth 3 counterpart. Roy fought Owlman but only managed to lose an arm and ultimately get captured. Roy spent the next 15 years or so in a forced coma.

When Roy finally was rescued he came to find the world he left no longer existed. He initially hated Oliver for not realizing he'd been replaced. He also hated his counterpart for taking over his life...his mantle, his family, and his girlfriend. After a lot of adapting Roy accepted both Oliver and his counterpart as family. To ease confusion between the two Roys he took on the name Jr., a nickname provided by Oliver. Roy and Jr. told everyone they were long lost twin brothers. Oliver gave Jr. a job at Queen Industries and Jr. even reconnected with his teenage girlfriend, Donna Troy.

Jr. is currently very happy in his new life. He's adapted the name Red Arrow and fight alongside the rest of Team Arrow. He loves his job at Queen Industries. He also loves dating Donna again. He's accepted the time he lost is just that, lost, but he looks forward to each new day.