Kira Grayson
Name Kira Martha Grayson
Current Alias Lil' Supergirl
Other Aliases Allura-El
Relatives Kara Kent-Grayson (mother), Dick Grayson (father), Kora Grayson (sister), Kristen Kent (grandmother), John Jones (step-grandfather), Bruce Wayne (grandfather), Karen Starr-Wayne (step-grandmother), Clark Kent (2nd cousin), Chris Kent (3rd cousin), Conner Kent (2nd cousin), Jason Todd (uncle), Tim Wayne (uncle), Damian Wayne (uncle), Stacy Wayne (aunt), Helena Kyle (aunt), Bette Kane-Wayne (aunt), Jordan Todd (cousin), Madison Wayne (cousin), Robyn Wayne (cousin), Jana-Beth Wayne (cousin), Katie Wayne (cousin)
Base of Operations Gotham City
Portrayed By Child: Danielle Parker

Teen: Natalie Hall

Kira Grayson was born just as her parents, Dick Grayson and Kara Kent, were admitting their love for one another. Shortly after her birth her parents were married and she has led a mostly charmed life since.

Kira's nickname is 'Princess' and her life is that of a royal. She has the best of everything although Kara strives to make sure Kira also knows how lucky she is.

As a Grayson and member of the Wayne Family Kira has often been a target for those trying to get to her family. She was kidnapped by Lex Luthor as a toddler and targeted by others at various times.

As half Kryptonian/half human her parents did not know what to expect of her power wise. She has so far shown weaker versions of almost all of Kara's powers. She often has on a Blue Kryptonite bracelet to mute her powers as she doesn't have full control of her powers yet.

Kira is also the big sister of Kora Grayson. Most of the time Kira sees Kora as her best friend, but sometimes Kira forgets that Kora is still a toddler and can't do everything she can. Kira sees herself as the boss of Kora, which leads to some comical situations between her and her headstrong sister. Kira, now 4, is often getting in trouble at daycare for kissing boys and being too boy crazy, much to the horror of Dick.

Although Kira loves both her parents very much she is a daddy's girl and is very close to Dick. Recently Kara has started training her to control her powers and even taken her on patrol wearing a pink Supergirl costume. The press has dubbed her 'Lil' Supergirl', a name she is more than happy to carry.