Kora Grayson
Name Kora Jane Grayson
Current Alias None
Other Aliases Lara-El
Relatives Kara Kent-Grayson (mother), Dick Grayson (father), Kira Grayson (sister), Kristen Kent (grandmother), John Jones (step-grandfather), Bruce Wayne (grandfather), Karen Starr-Wayne (step-grandmother), Clark Kent (2nd cousin), Chris Kent (3rd cousin), Conner Kent (2nd cousin), Jason Todd (uncle), Tim Wayne (uncle), Damian Wayne (uncle), Stacy Wayne (aunt), Helena Kyle (aunt), Bette Kane-Wayne (aunt), Jordan Todd (cousin), Madison Wayne (cousin), Robyn Wayne (cousin), Jana-Beth Wayne (cousin), Katie Wayne (cousin)
Base of Operations Gotham City
Portrayed By Child: Olsen Twins

Teen: Kristen Alderson

Kora Grayson's young life has been one of constant struggle. Her birth was a tough one, nearly killing her mother Kara Grayson in the process. Early on Kara and Dick (her father) gave her the nickname 'Angel' due to the sheer miracle of her surviving birth.

Kora has an older sister, Kira, that fancies herself a princess and often commands attention. From day one Kora has fought living in Kira's shadow. Unlike her sister, so far Kora has displayed no Kryptonian powers.

At the age of 2 Kora was kidnapped by Starvos, a psychopathic millionaire. Starvos wanted to raise Kora and groom her to be his perfect woman. She was rescued and thankfully doesn't remember most of it.

Now 3 Kora still has now powers but loves her gymnastics and acrobatics. Dick trains her so that she can defend herself. As the daughter of Dick and Kara Grayson she'll need that ability.

Kora's best friend is Hallie Jordan and the two are together as much as they can be. She is very headstrong and hates it when Kira tries to boss her around. She is very soft spoken, but very stubborn as well. Although she loves both her parents she is much closer to Kara. She is also very close to her cousin Chris Kent. She realizes her sister has powers she doesn't have and that her sister naturally commands attention. She is always trying to not get lost in Kira's greatness.