Lena Luthor
Name Lena Lutessa Luthor-Halden
Current Alias None
Other Aliases Tess Mercer
Relatives Nick Halden (husband), Lori Luthor (daughter), Lionel Luthor (father), Contessa Mercer (mother [deceased]), Lex Luthor (brother)
Base of Operations Gotham City
Portrayed By Alexandra Daddario

Lena Luthor was born to Lionel Luthor and his mistress Contessa Mercer. Lionel was desperate to keep his affair a secret and he paid Contessa to move out to the country and have her child in secret. Lena grew up in a small house in the middle of nowhere with her mother. They were very close and although Lena knew who her father was she rarely saw him.

When Lena was 12 her mother was diagnoised with cancer and passed away shortly after. Lionel sent Lena away to boarding school. The pain of losing her mother and then being sent away by her father ate at Lena. The anger only grew when she was 14. She was at the Luthor vacation home, the only place she was allowed to see Lionel, during a school break. She was sitting in her room when Lionel walked in and molested her. The fury in her continued to grow and she vowed revenge on her father.

When she was 15 Lionel died. Although his death was ruled an accident she suspected her brother Lex killed him (she was right, although he was never charged). All of her rage transfered to Lex, who she saw as a mini-Lionel. She set out to form a plan. She wanted to take everything from Lex, starting with LexCorp (formerly LuthorCorp).

(More to come...)