Lian Harper
Name Lian Harper
Current Alias None
Other Aliases None
Relatives Roy Harper (father), Jade Nguyen (biological mother), Donna Troy (adoptive mother), Helena Kyle (stepmother), Oliver Queen (grandfather), Dinah Laurel Lance (grandmother), Jr. Harper (uncle), Connor Hawke (uncle), Mia Jordan (aunt), Cissie King (aunt), Artemis Crock (aunt), Hallie Jordan (cousin), Graydon Jordan (cousin)
Base of Operations Gotham City
Portrayed By Child: Kim Su Jung

Teen: Kim Yoo Bin

Lian Harper is the daughter of vigilante Roy Harper and trained assassin Jade Nguyen. From her birth there was a constant struggle between her parents for which side she would be raised on. Eventually Roy won out and in spite of Jade's objections, Roy's then wife Donna Troy adopted Lian. Jade is all but absent from Lian's life now as Lian comes to understand who Jade really is and wants nothing to do with her. She consider Donna to be her mom.

When Roy and Donna divorced Lian had major issues with Roy's new girlfriend, Mel. Mel hated kids and was extremely rude to Lian, which Lian took to mean she could be rude right back. She did, however, make a connection to her father's assistant, Helena Kyle. Helena became her regular babysitter and friend. Lian had no idea Roy and Helena had a secret relationship behind Mel's back.

After Roy and Mel broke up Lian was thrilled to find that Helena and Roy were dating. She was even more thrilled to gain Helena as a stepmother. However, she was less than thrilled to find out Helena was pregnant and she would no longer be an only child...

Lian is very close to her Grandpa Ollie as he trains her to eventually become the next Speedy, a task she is just waiting to take on.