Loki Laufeyson
Name Loki Laufeyson
Current Alias God of Mischief
Other Aliases Walter Lawson, Lauren Olsen
Relatives Laufey (biological father), Odin Borson (adoptive father), Frigga Borson (adoptive mother), Thor Odinson (adoptive brother), Balder Odinson (adoptive brother), Stefini Laufeyson (wife)
Base of Operations Asgard/Gotham City
Portrayed By Tom Hiddleston

Loki was born to the King of the Frost Giants, Laufey, on the realm of Jotonheim. During a war between the Frost Giants and the Asgardians baby Loki was abandoned in a cave and found by the Asgardian King, Odin. Odin took Loki in and raised him as his own.

Over the years Loki found himself drawn to magic and trickery. He became the God of Mischief, constantly pulling pranks on his fellow Gods. Most of these were harmless.

Loki eventually uncovered his true parentage. Outraged his harmless trickery turned to much more vile mischief. Loki became set on taking the throne from Odin, putting him at odds with his adoptive family, especially his brother Thor.

For centuries Loki and Thor battled. Everything changed when Loki made an alliance with the sorceress Circe and Ares, the Greek God of War. Loki was sent to Midguard in disguise. It was then her met Stephanie Rayner, a young human woman that possessed a beauty Loki had never seen. He was determined he would have her, even if it meant brainwashing her, which he did.


Loki as Walter Lawson

With Stephanie at his side Loki set his sights on taking over Midgard so he could build an army to overtake Asgard. What he didn’t count on was the love between Stephanie and her husband, Kyle. Using her Star Sapphire ring Kyle was able to break Loki’s spell on Stephanie.

Defeated Loki went to regroup. He ended up in an alliance with the newly resurrected Lionel Luthor. While conducting business at Angel Wings, a local strip club, Loki saw a woman on stage that looked exactly like Stephanie. He confronted her and found out she was Stephanie’s counterpart from Earth 3. Loki quickly fell for the young woman with all of Stephanie’s beauty and all of his ambitions. The young woman took the name Stefini and with Loki’s help she got one of Odin’s Golden Apples, making her the Goddess of War.


God of Mischief, Goddess of War

Loki quickly married his new goddess and set out to build an army that would eventually win him Asgard.