Madison Wayne
Name Madison Leigh Wayne
Current Alias Pink Bat
Other Aliases Emily James
Relatives Stephanie Rayner (mother), Tim Wayne (adoptive father), Kyle Rayner (stepfather), Bette Kane-Wayne (stepmother), Robyn Wayne (sister), Kylie Rayner (sister), Jana-Beth Wayne (sister), Katie Wayne (sister), Graydon Jordan (brother), Bruce Wayne (grandfather), Karen Starr-Wayne (step-grandmother), Crystal Brown (grandmother), Arthur Brown (Grandfather), Dick Grayson (uncle), Kara Kent-Grayson (aunt), Jason Todd (uncle), Damian Wayne (uncle), Stacy Wayne (aunt), Helena Kyle (aunt), Kira Grayson (cousin), Kora Grayson (cousin), Jordan Todd (cousin)
Base of Operations Gotham City
Portrayed By Child: Dannika Liddell

Teen: Julie Berman

Madison Wayne was born to a teenaged Stephanie Brown. Her biological father was a boy Stephanie had dated named Dean. At 16 Stephanie knew she was not ready to be a mother and she didn't feel she could protect the child. She gave her up for adoption.

The child was adopted by Todd and Kate James. They were a couple that had been trying to have a child of their own, unsuccessfully. They adopted the child and named her Emily.

For 2 years Emily lived a quiet and normal life with her parents. Everything changed the day Joker and Harley Quinn showed up and murdered Todd and Kate. They kidnapped Emily with plans to raise her on their own. Harley called the child Jestine and was set on molding the child in her image.

Joker and Harley's plan was ultimately foiled by Batman and Red Robin. Bruce Wayne had been keeping track of Emily her whole life and he knew when her parents were killed. With no parents to return her to, Tim took Emily to her biological mother, who was now a married adult.

Stephanie had married Tim and was pregnant with their first child. She was all to happy to take her daughter back. She renamed the little girl Madison Leigh Wayne and Tim adopted her.

Maddie quickly bonded to her new parents, especially Tim. Tim had a soft spot for Maddie from the moment he saw her. She became his princess and he gave her everything.

More to come...